Evidence Of Real Israel In Bible Prophesy, And End Times Holocaust Riksavisen

Jacob (left) prophesies the future of his sons' descendants, the Israelites. At some point, I will also hide you and your knowledge of who you are(True Israelites)among the nations for many generations to protect you while I prepare you for the final conflict. Even Mormons, who believe a group of Israelites came to the New World in 600 B.C., concede the major events of European history.

As a free adult, Crowdy was one of a generation of spiritual leaders who taught that African Americans were descended from the Israelites of the bible—and that they should return to this ancient way of life. Blacks in America are God's people, not those who inhabit land in Palestine, the Minister said.

These sons are the beginnings of the twelve tribes of Israel Jacob's name was changed to 'Israel' by an unidentified 'angel', and his descendants thereafter became known as the tribes of Israel, or the Israelites. I do not claim to have perfect knowledge of the teachings and ideas of the many people who identify themselves as Black Hebrew Israelites.

This seems to conflict with the Black Israelite teaching for black people to turn to the Law for the hope of salvation. On the street, Hebrew Israelites tend to be boisterous, belligerent and bold. To the Egyptians, the most perplexing Shemites were the Children of Israel.

Believers in Jesus affirm that the new covenant was established between God and the Christians, who are therefore a type of spiritual Israelites. Yet Christians have defended them as God's chosen people” hogwash, whose zeal in expropriating the native Palestinians they viewed as the laudable predestined role of regaining the land promised to their fore fathers.

After the ten-tribed northern Kingdom of Israel rejected the rulership of the throne of David, forming a separate kingdom, prophecy only the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and a portion of the Levites were in the southern part of the land of Israel to form the kingdom thereafter known as the Kingdom of Judah.

I take complete responsibility for any mistakes that I may have made in representing the Black Hebrew Israelites. As you know that the truth is opened to few people, may you have sometimes and try bto visit all the countries in Africa continent and meet those who are thirsty to know the truth.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan June 26 delved deeply into the subject, using the words of his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, biblical prophecy and an analysis of historical data to solve the mystery and declare: The prophetic children of Israel are not living in the modern Jewish state in the Middle East but are, in fact, the Black man and woman of America.

They just can't believe that these blond and Nordic Israelitish prisoners (mistakenly called Amorites), captured by Pharaoh could be Israelites. The Israelites, while dispersed throughout Africa, were first enslaved by Hamitic Africans, who sold them to the Arabs.

So while Puerto Ricans are actually a people with a nation and their own personal borders (territory of the U.S. though it may be) they still claim their own land, but the descendants of the people taken there as slaves are in the same boat as so-called African Americans in this country.

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